•  In the current changing business  world and from the challenging  arrival of the new millennium with its  increasing globalization.

• We are committed to use our   Natural and human resources in the   most efficient and effective way,   never forgetting the good care we   need to take of our environment as   well as of our associates and the   community itself.

  • Our permanent attention to the   prevailing businessconditions will   constitute the means to keep the   best response so the company´s   strenghtsareguaranteed for those                                                               who take part of it, knowing this is                                                                 the way to make sure we all achieve                                                             our professional and personal goals                                                             and dreams.

Innovation is the name of the game nowadays, We got you covered, always at the forefront, designing new ways to satisfy all your needs.

In Autocap we are concerned about the environment. That is why we have developed our line of Environmentally Friendly products in order to be an instrument for this industry to do our part in contributing to save the planet.




We are a team of over 100 responsible    

and motivated teammates.                       


Our Staff is perfectly qualified and properly  trained for each work position.                    


Our team is composed by enthusiastic and  committed professionals, who know what     "Team Work" is all about.                             


Each working area, either in manufacturing or administrative departments has sufficient capacity to face large domestic, export and distribution demand.

We also have a subsidiary facility setup in North Mexico which takes care of some of our manufacturing processes.               

Our customer service oriented team, production and sales staff, guarantee all your requirements and needs are properly fulfilled

Quality in our company is the name of the game. Here, a completely trained team of professionals makes sure quality happens every step of the way.